Celebrate Åland 100 with us!

Willfulness has been our lifeblood for well over a hundred years – we have just never celebrated it properly before… until now!

The entire Åland community, residents, tourists, organisations, companies and more will participate in the celebration. There will be anniversary activities of all kinds, something for everybody. Music and culture in different genres and styles, literature, lectures, seminars, dinner parties and celebrations.

The year has already seen a succession of exciting events. The forthcoming events include the musical ‘The Ålandic King’, a music and dance festival and the inauguration of a new Visitor Centre in Bomarsund. This page displays a list of current events and experiences connected to the celebrations.


A taste of Åland 100

Ålandic Dish of the Century - the Åland Pancake

What do Ålanders consider to be the real taste of Åland? In the autumn of 2021, we searched far and wide to find the Ålandic dish of the century. Among numerous nominations, nine finalists were selected and in in an open vote a true classic, the Åland Pancake, was chosen the winner. Thus Åland tastes of eggs, flour, milk, groats, sugar - and, of course, much much more.

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Find your home town’s apple tree in Åland

Åland’s autonomy will celebrate its 100th anniversary on 9 June 2022. We’ll be wanting to celebrate it with the whole of Finland and will therefore give an apple tree as a gift to every single one of Finland’s 106 towns and cities. So, starting in the spring, every Finnish town will have its own named apple tree on beautiful Åland. The apple trees are the 100-year gift from the territory of Åland to all Finns. The choice of apple trees as a gift is quite obvious – no fewer than 70% of all domestic apples are produced in Åland.

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Events 2022

12-14.8 Music and dance festival

From 12 to 14 August 2022 the best of Åland’s song, music and dance will be on display. Alandica Kultur & Kongress will bring together close to 50 different programme items and over 500 participants to produce a unique cultural celebration for Åland 100. The festival will take place over three days at Alandica Kultur & Kongress and is completely free.

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1-3.9 Åland 100 Ladies Open by Ålandsbanken

On 1-3rd of September, a competition in the Ladies European Tour (LET) will be played at Åland Golf Club in Kastelholm. The competition has been named "Åland 100 Ladies Open by Ålandsbanken" and the prize is 250 000 euro.

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25-27.2 The musical - the Ålandic king

‘The Ålandic King’ is a new musical about the events around the genesis of the islands’ autonomy. Julius Sundblom was ‘the king’ who energetically and successfully pursued the Ålanders’ agenda between 1865 and 1945. The performance takes us along part of the journey to our unique autonomy which the Åland Islands dispute of 1917–1921 culminated in. But everything is not always as it seems ... here we get a mixture of historical facts and modern twists, hearty laughter and new music.

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Åland is an international source of inspiration for peaceful conflict management, as can be seen in the seminars that are being organised during the anniversary year. One aim is for the anniversary to enable Åland to be internationally recognised as islands of democracy, peace and sustainability and to enhance Åland as a meeting place for peace and climate conferences, but other international summits as well. Read about current seminars scheduled for the anniversary year by clicking on the link below.

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Are you interested in art and history? During the anniversary year, there will be many exhibitions on the theme of Åland’s 100 years. These will include everything from art to nostalgic exhibitions of cultural history. See all exhibitions that will be on during the Åland 100 celebrations by clicking on the link below.

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Published Literature

The 100th anniversary will also feature literature that is being published on the same theme. This will include the launch of Daniel Eriksson’s and Petter Lobråten’s book “An illustrated book about Åland”, the aim of the book being to find what is beautiful on our island and describe how it feels to live in or visit Åland. Click on the link to see a list of all literature published during the anniversary year.

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Åland 100 celebrations outside of Åland

Exhibition - Proud Ålanders

We want to connect ‘a century of willfulness’ through our pho¬to series Proud Ålanders. It is the Paris-based photographer Celie Scott who has captured beautiful portraits of 14 proud Ålanders from 1–100-year-olds. The pictures are accompanied by texts about the people’s life history and Åland’s significance for them. These texts are composed by Jör¬gen Pettersson and are based on interviews with the participants.

The exhibtion will be shown in the following places:

  • 28.1-27.3.2022 Jakobstad museum
  • Februari 2022 Grankulla bibliotekets galleri
  • Mars 2022 Kulturkontakt Nord Kajsaniemigatan Helsinki
  • April 2022 Helsinki town Dagmarsgatan 3

Do you also want the exhibtion to your town? Contact Åland 100:  [email protected] 

Kick off for Nordic Bridges

Nordic Bridges is a year-long initiative from January to December 2022 led by Harbourfront Centre in Toronto and supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Partnerships and events across Canada foster cultural exchange between the Nordic Region and Canada.

The program is alive and in progress, including artists from Denmark, Finland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Åland. Explore already announced events happening across Canada, at www.nordicbridges.ca with more to come throughout the year!

Trailer: Welcome to Nordic Bridges https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTjPKi5mi5Q

Nordic Bridges in Social media: @NoricBridges #NordicBridges

Events in 2022


  • Anders Wiklöf’s art collection at Åland Museum 25 November 2021–27 February 2022
  • Arts and crafts exhibition in Helsinki 10 January–5 February 2022
  • Exhibition ‘Love Åland’ in Nordens hus in Copenhagen 31 January–25 March 2022



  • The blue Åland – a winter party in Mariehamn 14 February – 13 March 2022



  • Theatre: ‘Write or die’ – a monologue about Sally Salminen 11–26 March 2022
  • Kodarklubben’s Hackathon Rescheduled 12–13 March 2022
  • Åland in schools 21–25 March 2022
  • ‘My Mark’ exhibition 24 March – 27 April 2022
  • Mariehamn’s Literature Days 24–27 March 2022
  • Dialogue – Teachers’ seminar ‘Learn for the future’ 28-29 March 2022
  • Kastelholm conversation, Åland Islands Peace Institute 30 March 2022



  • Åland 100 seminar in Haag 5 April 2022
  • 100 years of sustainability – a seminar on a sustainable lifestyle 5 April 2022
  • The opera ‘Lisbeta’ in Helsinki 21–22 April 2022
  • Writing competition prizegiving 23 April 2022
  • Run in honor of 100 years with IFFK 23 April 2022
  • Flag of Åland Day 24 April 2022
  • Service at S:t Görans Church 24 April 2022



  • Nordischer Klang festival in Greifwalt Tyskland 6-15 May 2022
  • Fanny and the forty-five first 8 May 2022
  • Sustainability meeting 9 May 2022
  • Åland 100 & Autonomy at the Alfred Wissenschaftskolleg with the Åland Islands Peace Institute 11 May 2022
  • Shipping day 12 May 2022
  • Åland Art Museum: Female artists with  connection to Åland 12 May – 4 September 2022
  • Seminar on the future of education in Åland 13 May 2022
  • Åland 100 at the Finnish Institute in Stockholm 13 May 2022
  • Önningeby colonist in Waldemarsudde, Stockholm 16 May – 26 March 2023
  • Museum Days, Finlands Museiförbund 18 May – 19 December 2022
  • 100 years of historic poems as music – Peter Hägerstrand & Badhusepoken 20 May 2022
  • Eckerö Golf – Hjärteslaget 21 May 2022
  • Åland’s biggest day of exercise 21 May 2022
  • Havsandar concert 28 May 2022 
  • “Åland Grönskar” – Åland Spring Fair 28–29 May 2022 



  • Bärkraft status report 1 June 2022
  • Åland 100 Business Summit 2 June 2022
  • Åland 100 Clean Up Week 6–12 June 2022
  • School’s out 8 June 2022
  • The Åland Parliament’s official programme with invited guests 9 June 2022
  • 100-year party 9–12 June 2022
  • The opera ‘The Devil’s Dance in Skarpans’ 10–12 June 2022
  • Bomarsund Visitor Centre opens to the public 17 June 2022



  • The provincal administration 100 years 1 August 2022
  • SFIM in athletics, organizer ÅID 5-7 August 2022
  • Red Cross Market 6 August 2022
  • Nordic Championships for Icelandic horses 9-14 August 2022
  • Culture Night 12 August 2022
  • Music and dance festival 12-14 August 2022
  • “Åland Calling – Come Home to Your Roots” 15-20 augusti 2022



  • Åland 100 Ladies Open 1-3 September 2022
  • Nordic UNESCO meeting on Åland 5-8 September 2022
  • Memories and Nostalgia 4 September 2022
  • Harvest festival 16-18 September 2022
  • ‘The Ålandic King’ musical 22-25 September 2022



  • Anniversary medal  17 November 2022
  • Culture gala 18 November 2022
  • Ålandic book fair 19 November 2022