Come and celebrate Åland 100 with us!

Willfulness has been our lifeblood for well over a hundred years – we have just never celebrated it properly before. We are going to do that now, for a whole year from 9 June 2021. The entire Åland community, residents, tourists, organisations, companies and more will participate in the celebration. There will be anniversary activities of all kinds, something for everybody. Music and culture in different genres and styles, literature, lectures, seminars, dinner parties and celebrations. Among the events there is an opera under the auspices of the Katrina Cultural Association about the witch trials in Åland during the 17th century, a maritime summer celebration in Mariehamn and the inauguration of a new visitor centre in Bomarsund. There will be many more exciting events happening during the year. We are inviting the whole world to celebrate with us, the party has just started!

This page displays a list of current events and experiences connected to the celebrations.

Nordic Literature week 15-21 november

A tribute to Ålandic literature – Reading aloud from Katrina and Pärlfiskaren

The Nordic Literature Week is a celebration of reading aloud and Nordic fiction. It takes place once a year in November and involves libraries, schools and other cultural institutions arranging reading aloud events and programmes for children and adults. Åland is in focus this year and the whole of the Nordic region is reading Karin Erlandsson’s The Pearl Fisher – the first of her acclaimed fantasy series for children The Legend of the Eyestone – and the Åland classic Katrina by Sally Salminen.

Reading aloud events during the Nordic literature week:

Reading aloud and songs on the theme of The Pearl Fisher : Niklas Lantz reads Karin Erlandsson’s The Pearl Fisher aloud and a children’s choir led by Fredrik Erlandsson sings songs about the adventures of Miranda and Syrsa.  Mariehamn town library, Thursday 18 November at 6.30 pm. For more information click here.

Morning Dawn:  The Nordic Literature Week’s classic reading aloud event for children and adolescents will be held around Åland’s schools and nurseries during that week. Reading aloud of Karin Erlandsson’s The Pearl Fisher. Daytime.

Evening Dusk: The Nordic Literature Week’s classic reading aloud event for adults will be held in Åland’s libraries during the week. Reading aloud event of Sally Salminen’s Katrina and music. Evening.


Fabulous illustrations shown at Mariehamn city library

Mariehamn town library is exhibiting Ludwig Sandbacka’s illustrations from Karin and Frans Erlandsson’s book Myths and facts about the origin of the Pearls 2 – 28 November 2021.

For more information click here.

Experience the exhibition ‘Nordic Ålandic’

Are there words and expressions that are seen as typically Ålander in Åland, but which are to be found as commonly in Värmland, Sweden, or Iceland? Can words show how different parts of the Nordic Region are linked?

The Nordic Institute in Åland, in collaboration with Ralf Svenblad and Amanda Valkonen, is putting on an exhibition focusing on Åland words and expressions. It will present a mixture of familiar and less well-known expressions, and a whole lot of aha experiences. The words are brought to life by means of illustrations inspired by folk art. The exhibition will be on during the Nordic Literature Week in November 2021. For more information click here.

Storytelling evenings at Stallhagen

Everything relating to Åland is in focus during three storytelling evenings at Pub Stallhagen. During those evenings, you can eat excellent food while enjoying the literature programme. The art of storytelling is interpreted in the broadest sense and deals with both the oral and written traditions. Established authors will be contributing as well as popular storytellers.

  • 6 pm Wednesday 17 November
  • 6 pm Saturday 20 November
  • 6 pm Sunday 21 November

Events 2021

6.11 Swedish day

This year, the Swedish day is celebrated in Alandica culture and congress in Mariehamn, to mark Åland’s 100th anniversary. The party is broadcasted through Yle Fem and Yle Arena on the 6th of November, starting at 18.00. Folktinget is the organizer of the event. Special for this year is the exclusive award “Åland ambassador”.

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15-21.11.2021 Nordic Literature Week

Nordic Literature week is an event with live readings of Nordic literature, related to a certain theme, taking place at the same time in the Nordic Countries, the Baltic Countries and other institutions around the world interested in the Nordic Countries. The project, which is administered by Föreningarna Norden, aims to spread and manifest live readings, Nordic literature and also the Nordic tradition of storytelling. Nordic Literature Week takes place once a year, during week 46. Libraries, schools and other cultural institutions arrange live readings for kids and youth in the morning, and for adults in the evening. The project is a collaboration between Åland 100/the government of Åland, Nordens Institut på Åland and Föreningen Norden.

8-9.1 Hackathon

During the first weekend in october, Ålandic youth in the ages of 15 to 25 years old gather to participate in the hackathon “Silicon Islands by Kodarklubben”, in which Åland 100 is included as a theme. Divided into teams they will try to solve a common problem with their own knowledge within programming, design, agile methods and creativity. Mentors will be participating as support. In the end of the hackathon the different solutions will be presented in the form of software solutions such as apps or websites and a jury will choose the winner.

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22.1 & 26-29.1 Ålandskungen - the musical

‘The Ålandic king - the musical is about Julius Sundblom and the historic happenings of the Ålandic self government. It all begins with Sundblom’s deportation in the beginning of the 20th century and ends with his statue being erected in the end of the 1940s. In the musical there will be music in different genres: folk music, national romantic, jazz, Finnish tango and lots of musical pop. In total there will be five performances at Alandica, the musical is by screenwriter Dag Thelander, composer Per Wickström and director Arn-Henrik Blomqvist.

4-6.2 Music and dance festival

Experience an Ålandic music- and dance festival 2-6 february in Alandica. The purpose of the festival is to showcase the broad range of Ålandic music and dance. Genres such as pop, rock, jazz, classical, choir, folk music and dance in different forms will be displayed. ‘Music and dance for everyone’ aims to be one of the winter’s biggest cultural events. The event is produced by Zevents in cooperation with and Festmagasinet.


Åland is an international source of inspiration for peaceful conflict management, as can be seen in the seminars that are being organised during the anniversary year. One aim is for the anniversary to enable Åland to be internationally recognised as islands of democracy, peace and sustainability and to enhance Åland as a meeting place for peace and climate conferences, but other international summits as well. Read about current seminars scheduled for the anniversary year by clicking on the link below.

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Are you interested in art and history? During the anniversary year, there will be many exhibitions on the theme of Åland’s 100 years. These will include everything from art to nostalgic exhibitions of cultural history. See all exhibitions that will be on during the Åland 100 celebrations by clicking on the link below.

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Published Literature

The 100th anniversary will also feature literature that is being published on the same theme. This will include the launch of Daniel Eriksson’s and Petter Lobråten’s book “An illustrated book about Åland”, the aim of the book being to find what is beautiful on our island and describe how it feels to live in or visit Åland. Click on the link to see a list of all literature published during the anniversary year.

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Tell the story of Åland’s 100 year journey - Åland writes

Creative writing is a form of freedom. That is why we think that Åland’s autonomous journey, which will have lasted a full 100 years by 2022, should be celebrated precisely by writing.

Writing can be a way to sort out your thoughts, give vent to your emotions, enjoy the language or let your imagination roam free – or maybe you simply want to tell a story. Regardless of why we write, the written words build a bridge between us and the world around us by documenting something – a moment, a memory, a thought or a feeling – before it disappears. Words can help us remember, create or change the world. And although words can also divide people, everyone who writes is to some extent consumed by the same zeal: to get something said.

In the context of Åland 100, the Åland Cultural Delegation and the county’s literature committee will advertise the “Åland Writes” short story competition during February 2021. The competition will be for all Ålanders and people with a connection to Åland who will have turned 18 before 9 June 2022.

See more information about how to take part in the writing competition at:

We hope that you will want to enhance our Åland community and give the anniversary year a boost by writing a short story!

Happiness is dancing - dance for Åland 100

Take up the challenge and spread joy with dance and music! The Nordic Institute in Åland (NIPÅ) has the pleasure of presenting a completely new song and dance, which we hope as many people as possible will want to learn during the Åland 100 year.

Learn the steps, dance, film and post on social media with the hashtags #alanddansar # aland100. The choreography is arranged so that there is a simpler version and a slightly more advanced version, depending on how much of a challenge you want.
More info is available on NIPÅ’s website where you can also watch and listen to the official Åland 100 song and dance:

Children are the future of Åland - Mitt avtryck, theme of the school year

Schools and daycare centres are encouraged to flag up the celebration of Åland's hundred years as an autonomous landscape in their activities and teaching.

Together, the children, pupils and students will carry out theme-based lessons, create exhibitions, organise parties and activities and watch films connected with the theme.

In addition to the educational units’ own celebrations, there is also the opportunity to draw attention to Åland 100 by participating in My Footprint. My Footprint is an overarching theme and is aimed at childcare activities, primary and lower secondary schools, provincial schools and the university. The idea with My Footprint is to give children, pupils and students the opportunity to reflect on Åland 100 and imagine where their own footprint will be seen when Åland celebrates its 125th anniversary while at the same time having the opportunity to be creative.

Events 2022


  • King of Åland Musical


  • Music for everyone


  •  The Head of Goverment’s reception (100 days to go) 2 March 2022
  • Kastelholm Talks on Peace, Åland Islands Peace Institute 30 March 2022


  • Åland Flag Day 24 April 2022


  • Fanny Sundström monologue 8 May 2022
  • Bärkraftsmöte (sustainability meeting) “Åland 100 edition” 8 May 2022
  • Maritime Day 12 May 2022


  • The Parliament’s official programme with invited guests 9 June 2022
  • Bomarsund Visitor Centre will be inaugurated on 9 June 2022
  • Writing competition award ceremony 9 June 2022
  • Devil’s Dance in Skarpans Opera 10 June 2022
  • Children’s and Young People’s Day 10 June 2022
  • Associations’ and companies’ activity day 11 June 2022
  • Church service, bell ringing and flower laying 12 June 2022