Experience the Åland Islands

Here you can enjoy the fresh seabreeze, the calm of the archipelago and time together. Wherever you go the sea is always nearby. The distances are short and there are new things to discover every day. Åland is exotic and different enough, yet the beautiful sceneries bring peace to your senses.

Which will be your favourite this summer?

The children’s new favourite

Travel to Åland this summer and spend a lovely vacation in a calm and safe environment, where the distances between hidden gems are short and queues are few.

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10 places you can’t miss

It’s seamless to both travel to and spend time in Åland. The sea is always near and there is something new to discover every day.

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The picturesque Mariehamn

The maritime town holds many surprises due to its versatility. There are cozy cafés and terraces, lush parks, history, culture and so much more. Everything within a walking distance.

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Experience the archipelago through island hopping

Travel through the Åland Archipelago and enjoy the calm of your journey. Where the road ends, your journey continues with a ferry onward to the next island.

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Active vacation in the archipelago

Go hiking on beautiful nature trails or bike through scenic roads. Take a boat trip, go fishing and try kayaking. Visit interesting museums or go on an excursion to a lighthouse.

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